Monday, September 18, 2006

After You're My World

Black captured in 1966 by Jane Bown
After "You're My World," Black's career was made. At her worst, as a pop singer of uncertain range and instincts, she was almost a throwback to Helen Shapiro, a major female pop-star of the pre-Beatles era. At her best, as on "You've Lost That Loving Feeling," she had an intense soulful quality, akin to Tom Jones as a ballad singer --indeed, she might've been Britain's answer to Dionne Warwick. She displayed a surprisingly adventurous nature, as with "It's For You," a waltz-like number that Paul McCartney personally selected for her from among his best non-Beatles destined originals. She covered it in a jazz arrangement and the resulting single reached No. 7 in England. McCartney remained close to her for years, although Black's closest musical confidant was songwriter Bobby Willis, whom she later married.
(Bruce Eder, All Music Guide)

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