Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Beatles and Elvis

“After a bit, Elvis said, ‘Somebody bring in the guitars’. One of his men jumped up, and within moments three electric guitars has been plugged into the amplifiers in the room. Elvis took a bass guitar, and I took a rhythm guitar. Elvis obviously wasn’t that familiar with his instrument, so Paul gave him some instructions. George was busy looking over his instrument, and it was a few minutes before he joined in. Cilla Black’s hit record You’re My World was the track that we first got off together. After that I said ‘This beats talking doesn’t it?’ - We had at last found a way of communicating. Only Ringo looked a bit down. He could only watch us and drum on the side of his chair. ‘Too bad we left the drums in Memphis’ Elvis said."

(John Lennon on the Beatles meeting Elvis – Mojo magazine)

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